Eagle Extended Service Protection Corporation is shaking things up a bit. They have a special offer to Powersport Dealers across the country.

Our goal is to ensure every contract holder feels safe and secure, especially in today’s environment”, says Roy Mathes Jr., Vice President Powersport Division.  We have been protecting our customers from costly repairs for over 45 years. I encourage anyone reading this that has a bike, ATV or works within the Powersport Industry to give us a call at: (800) 377-3269. Ask for Roy.

If you didn’t get a postcard that looks like this, let us know at

To find out how a service contract works or if vehicle extended warranties are worth the money, do a deeper dive at

We work hard to:

  1. Educate what the contract does and does not cover.
  2. Process claims quickly.
  3. Help contract holders locate repair facilities & offer tons of no charge benefits.
  4. Expedite the claim process by paying with ACH or Credit Card.
  5. Train staff on what we cover and how to process the paperwork.

Ride More. Worry Less.


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