Podcast episode 94 features an interview with Charlie Curry, the founder of Tents for Troops and the manager of Toutle River RV Resort.

The resort in Castle Rock, Wash., is located between Olympia, Wash., and Portland, Ore. It’s a sprawling campground with hundreds of sites and plenty of activities for families, including a giant croquette field, saunas, smokehouses and multiple covered pavilions.

Curry describes how the campground came about and how he developed the pizza-slice-shaped property to maximize use of the land situated between railroad tracks, a two rivers and an Interstate.

He has also been working with park model manufacturers to develop and build units especially for handicapped people.

Curry talks about his mission to make two nights of free camping available to active duty military members through partnerships with campgrounds and RV parks nationwide. He explains how he came up with the idea and the reasons fueling his motivation to expand the service to include RV stays at member campgrounds.

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