You already know that owning a motorhome is the key to the ultimate road trip. With onboard conveniences like your own bed, food in the fridge and hot and cold running water, traveling in a motorhome remains the best way to get out and enjoy the countryside.

But the motorhome itself is only the beginning, as a trip to any RV resort or campground will attest. At one time or another, we’ve all found ourselves coveting some of our neighbor’s gadgets; the helpful things he or she has brought along to improve setup, entertainment, everyday life or even the dinghy-towing experience. Or, perhaps you’ve found yourself unable to utilize one of the onboard systems because you forgot to buy a new sewer fitting or Wi-Fi booster, or maybe your residential fridge drains your batteries far too quickly when without hookups. There’s no need to remain green with envy (or to feel left out of the loop), as we’ve gathered some of the most popular must-have accessories and their manufacturers here in one resource, making for easy one-stop perusing and shopping. Keeping up with the Joneses (or staying ahead of the curve) has never been easier.

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